Exceptional drones for exceptional problems



Hybrid technology

Vertical take-off. Eficiente cruising

long RANGE

Up to 150km

Tablet controlled

Easily operated on mobile devices

Fully autonomous

From take-off to landing

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Our Company

Drones for professional applications. Access to remote places and large areas coverage.
Changing the flight way

DBX Drones is born to take advantage of the potentiality the use of drones give for solving difficult problems, and the lack of feasible solutions in the market.

Our team is a young team comprised mostly by aerospace, electronics and software engineers, with great expertise in autonomous systems and willingness to learn beyond our experience to bring great value to the society.

We are in constant search of improving our business and entrepreneurial skills.

  • We like to make things well, always searching for excellency.

  • The best solution for your particular problems. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • We want to improve your life by offering solutions that add value to the society.

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