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Unmanned aircraft systems (“UAS,” or more commonly, “drones”) have become a valuable tool for agriculture, inspections, surveying and video capturing. Indeed, having an “eye” on the sky allows to have completely new perspective and possibilities for several businesses.

To date, more than 1,100 operators obtained legal permission to operate in Spain, and more than 3,800 operators has obtained Section 333 Exceptions from FAA in USA, ranging their business services from precision agriculture to insurance. According to Thompson Coburn, in August 2015 most of the professional operators where focused in Photography and video, Industrial applications and aerial surveying.

Current batteries technology has allowed drones industry to take off, but:

  • If speaking of a multirotor (multiple rotor helicopter-like) there is an inherent limitation in terms of range (distance), endurance (time) and payload (kg transported) capability which, in some cases, stops commercial applications of these technology.
  • In the other hand, fixed wing vehicles need for a runway or catapult that need for extra facilities and space to operate what limits its usage in logistics, above all in cities.

Other feature of the technology that the public is concerned about is safety and reliability, being this given the nature of most drones today: multirotor based solutions that, in case of any failure, become unstable in midair.

In DBX Drones we are aware of these problems and our product AbiBoX is specifically design to overcome these problems. It combines the efficiency of a fixed wing vehicle with the maneuverability and versatility of a helicopter-like vehicle.



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The optimized of AbiBoX design allows to transport up to 5kg of any payload. This means it has 4 times better load-range (kg·km) that the most of the competitors, while having the VTOL feature.

While we are still testing the needs of the potential users, here there are some specifications of our prototype, which is still being revised with feedback from future users of the technology (please, see survey below).

This technology can change future drone’s technology but, it is important to remark how this technology applies to today’s usages and how drone operators can benefit from it.

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The modular design of AbiBoX has an advantages not only in the manufacturing and transporting ease point of view but also for the user: it allows to reconfigure the vehicle easily for the specific application wanted or operation needed. This also means that maintenance, assembling and upgrading are also easy and quick to perform.

We know we may have missed something along the road and that you may be thinking something about this product.

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