Starting at Lanzadera Inicia

After several months of technical development and training on management and business administration, we’re very glad to announce you that our company has been selected by Lanzadera Inicia (related with Angels Capital) so that we can focus all our work on the drone!

But waht is Lanzadera and Lanzadera Inicia?

As Juan Roig said, (founder of Lanzadera and Mercadona among others companies),

“Lanzadera is a factory of entrepeneurs ” , in another words, it is an initiative to help entrepreneurs to create sustainable and successful businesses.

Companies that can provide added value to the society and implement a solid business model , promoting the culture of effort and good leadership.

Lanzadera concentrates several companies from various sectors in an area of ​​networking , to create an atmosphere to exchange knowledge and relationships.

All accompanies in the program are in continuous training by professionals who are featured in a business and entrepreneurial environment, to help in the process of creating a durable and sustainable.

More information, flight test videos, new concepts, etc coming soon!

Stay tuned!

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